• To: Acting Attorney General/E.Holder

    cc: RENEGADE

    Director FBI/JBC

    January 10, 2013

    AGENCY 689 - targeted surveillance

    Final Report

    Initial Engagement [7-2-13]

    Target was investigated due to suspicious activity. During Iraq incursion and following Afghan actions, in the midst of mass bankruptcies and business failures, AGENCY 689 clients showed markedly increased profits. Suspects Adam R. Cagle (Agent A), Zander O. Vera (Agent Z), and Sterling Archer (Agent S) were seen engaging clients and moving sums of money that increased client profits many times over in a seemingly devastated economy. Hotels were filled, graphics cards sold, housing developments populated, clients made famous.. where are these profits coming from and how are these successes being achieved?

    Drone Surveillance - Patio at Spago's - [10-10-13]

    Target is engaging world's largest independent movie studio. The portfolio is stunning, they must be related to Agent A's biceps. who is behind this creative? The movie studio is seeing record expansion... China, Budapest, Detroit... (in this economy), as well as Baton Rouge. More surveillance recommended, must follow the money. These Agents can't be doing this alone.. .they have help... must be some sort of international team of experts.

    Target Engagement #1 [12-13-13]

    Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood. We followed Agent A to his villa, they seem to know every client as if it were their own business... printed material, film, web, they have taken over every aspect of this hotel and it's many mini bars

    Once again... record numbers... year over year profits. Agent Z is taking the stage? He seems to have worked being a guitar player and singer into his cover... blends in to the hollywood entertainment scene like he was born here. You would never know these guys are making their clients profits all over the globe, this client thinks they are the only one.

    Close Engagement [1-1-14]

    We placed an operative in close proximity to the Agents at the Bullshit Award show. Wins for print, web, copy writing, these guys are for real. We are unable to find anything to attribute the amazing success they seem to be having beside, possibly, amazing creative, great strategy, and a godlike vastness and girth of spirit. It was also reported by our operative that they both smell fantastic - references to fine mahogany were made. Recommend ending surveillance and hiring these guys.

    Further visual proof available: here.

  • In our 12 years of being an independent advertising agency we have learned that our place is in the trenches. We work directly with our clients, handle the strategy on each account and approve everything we put out. We enjoy the hand crafted artisan approach to our creative, immersing ourselves in our clients' work and goals to create a strategy and execution focused on results.


    "The ultimate goal of creative work, no matter the medium, is to impact the viewer. You must deliver undeniable work that immediately impacts and inspires." "Creative relates the strategy of a brand to the consumer. It tells the story if you will, whether we are creating a world of wonder or engaging the consumer with emotions. Like all stories ours must have a beginning and an end. We focus our creative strategy on engaging the consumer at the right time and in the right way. , and then on ending the story well by helping our clients follow through on the consumer experience post purchase. A strategy without an execution is no strategy at all."


    "Our clients need a plan... an internal battle cry... a voice to the world... a war cry to SCREAM while we destroy the competition." We know our clients have put blood, sweat, tears, and sometimes even money in to their companies, products, or ideas so we listen, find out what they have, what they want, and then bring our experience and thirst for keeping up with technology to the table and create a plan of attack. The Creative is then an execution of that strategy and the results are the barometer of our success. Bill Murray said it best: "We came, we saw, we kicked it's ass." That's what we do for our client's brand, strategy, and creative needs.