• Traveler Guitars

    Traveler Guitars

    Traveler Guitar is both a guitar client and a travel client.
    After holding one in our hands we knew every traveling player needed to own one.
    Over three years we have worked with Traveler on every aspect of their strategy, brand,
    and consumer engagement and we have seen steady growth as a result.

    Agency of Record
    Strategy - Branding - Interactive - eCommerce - Media Purchasing
    Photography - Print and Web Advertising - Tradeshow

  • Hotel Figueroa

    Hotel Figueroa

    The Hotel Figueroa is a Los Angeles landmark and iconic hotel
    at the center of the downtown revitalization. We are currently working on strategy and
    branding for a 2016 brand re-launch to go with their planned renovation.

    Strategy - Logo - Interactive - Photography - Design

  • Sunset Marquis

    Sunset Marquis

    We began with Sunset Marquis in 2007 and oversaw the complete rebrand to compliment their $26 million renovation and growth.
    Since we have taken them from an iconic Rock and Roll Hotel to a high end luxury brand that honors it's entertainment roots.

    Agency of Record
    Strategy - Branding - Logo - Interactive - eCommerce - Photography - Print and Web Advertising - Events

  • Traveler Guitars
  • Hotel Figueroa
  • Sunset Marquis

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